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Detailed explanation of common material combinations for aluminum foil bag compounding

AL: Aluminum FoilAluminum foil, we often call it pure aluminumAluminum foil bags are divided into pure aluminum and aluminized. When there is no printing, pure aluminum and aluminum plating are easy to distinguish, see the sample.Generally speaking, aluminum foil bags, you have to judge whether the aluminum foil he said refers to pure aluminum or aluminized according to the bag requirements he said.The thickness of pure aluminum is generally0.007MMand0.009MM, the most used is0.007MMYes, as the guest saidAL007orAL7, then we know that it is pure aluminum PETThe thickness of the aluminum plating is0.012MM=12UM CPPThe thickness of the aluminum plating is0.025MM= 25UMAluminized is divided intoPETAluminized andCPPAluminized.PETAluminum plating can only be placed in the middle layer of the bag. For example, if the bag is a three-layer composite, thenPETAluminized is the second layer. CPPAluminized is placed on the innermost layer, becauseCPPAluminized withCPPIt has the same heat-sealing properties, and can be made into a bag by placing it in the innermost layer. CPPAluminum plating is generally used to make toy bags, material combination:OPP+CPPAluminized orPET+CPPAluminizedThe main printing materials of aluminum foil bags are:OPPandPET, in general, if the aluminum foil bag is printed, then this layer of printed material is notOPP,that isPET.nylon,CPPandPE,PEMilky white can also be printed, but it is not very good for printing, and the printing effect is not very good.The main composite materials are:CPP,CPPAluminized,PE,PEmilk white——These are placed in the innermost layer of the aluminum foil bagThe materials generally placed in the middle layer of the aluminum foil bag are:AL(pure aluminum),PETAluminized,PET,nylon

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