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Determination of composite strength of composite bagged materials

Composite bag composite material is composed of multi-layer flexible packaging composite substrate through different processes, and its composite strength directly affects the overall performance of composite bag. Composite strength includes peel strength, shear strength and tensile strength. The peel strength test is convenient, so the PC intelligent tensile tester or friction coefficient/peel tester is generally used to measure the peel strength of the composite bag material to evaluate its composite strength. It refers to the T-shaped stripping of the pattern with the specified width at a certain speed to measure the average stripping force between the composite layers. 1. PC intelligent tensile testing machine to test the peel strength 2. Friction coefficient/peel tester to measure the peel strength of composite bag materials (1) Turn on the computer, the power supply of the friction coefficient/peel tester, run the friction peel software, select the operation mode as peel test, and then set the parameters (2). The sample is treated for 16 hours under the standard environment (3) 180 degree peel test; First, stick the test to the sample plate. In the fixture placement area, stick one end of the test plate to the horizontal steel strip with a strong adhesive tape, and clamp the other end to the left peel collet.

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