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Development direction of flexible packaging bags industry

Plastic flexible packaging materials (plastic film and its composite materials) are the products of scientific and technological development. The plastic flexible packaging industry is a new industry that emerged and developed with the development of synthetic resin and plastic industry in the middle and late 20th century. Plastic flexible packaging materials are famous in the packaging industry for their comprehensive advantages of resource conservation, variety, prominent functions and low prices. In the past 20 to 30 years, plastic flexible packaging materials have shown great vitality and developed rapidly in the competition with paper, glass, metal and other materials, as well as hard containers, pipes and other forms of packaging materials; Plastic flexible packaging materials have been widely used in the packaging of food, medicine and other commodities. At present, the commodities packaged with plastic flexible packaging materials have been widely used in supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and food stores. Plastic flexible packaging materials have become an indispensable packaging material in modern people’s life. In a sense, there is no fabric flexible packaging materials, People do not have the modern life of mankind today. However, in the plastic flexible packaging material industry in China, the production of composite film products has been mainly using the dry composite process for a long time, using solvent based adhesives for composite. In the production process, there are many problems in environmental protection, resource conservation, product health and safety, etc. With the emergence and development of the concept of sustainable development of human beings, with the development of green packaging work and the continuous enhancement of fierce market competition, the scientific and technological level of the plastic flexible packaging material industry is constantly improved to overcome the above problems in the production process, It has become an urgent task that cannot be ignored. In the field of fabric soft packaging materials, how to use new raw and auxiliary materials and new technologies to make products have a higher level in resource conservation, safety and health, environmental protection, etc., how to improve the application function of products, how to further reduce production costs and improve market competitiveness, has become a common concern in the industry. The plastic flexible packaging industry has made great progress in energy conservation and emission reduction, safety and health, cost reduction, etc., and has accumulated many beneficial experiences. For example, the solvent-free composite process and co extrusion composite process are used to replace the dry composite process to produce composite films, the development and application of alcohol soluble adhesives and water-based adhesives in dry composite, the application of benzene free gravure ink, alcohol soluble gravure ink, water-based gravure oil in printing, and the application of flexographic printing have all achieved remarkable results.

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