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Development direction of food packaging bag design – packaging bag printing

The development direction of food packaging bag design. [Packaging bag printing] Today’s young people have long abandoned the complex packaging design and tend to more simple and generous decoration design. As for the structural requirements, they prefer those new packaging structures, and those packaging bags with heterosexual structures can attract their attention. Similarly, their requirements for the food itself are more to choose some old brands. Candy brands, such as Alps, Ooh Toffee, White Rabbit, Golden Monkey, Shanghaojia and some other well-known brands, these are the candies they have always loved. Nowadays, food is not only seeking novelty in decoration, but also in structure. Mind, its packaging design has long exceeded people’s imagination. There are bright colors and elegant colors. It can be said that the layers are endless. The acceleration of time has also led to a leap in the designer’s ideas, and the creativity has long replaced the traditional actual idea. At the same time, the young people’s psychology of seeking novelty has already occupied the heart of affordable, and the design on the packaging must conform to their desire for novelty, so the design of the opposite sex box, simple or creative design has been continuously reflected in the public. Eye. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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