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Development trend of extrusion compounding and coating technology for food bags

The emergence of extrusion composite flexible packaging materials is an important progress in the development of packaging materials. It has changed the old packaging concept, and driven the major changes in the packaging agent packaging industry, making the performance of packaging materials have been improved unprecedentedly. Therefore, the major development of the packaging industry in the future has made the performance of packaging materials have been improved unprecedentedly. The production efficiency and product quality have been improved unprecedentedly by the automatic production line controlled by computer, which is mainly developing in the following directions: 1. The adhesive resin used for extrusion composite production will be continuously improved and improved, so as to greatly expand the variety of extrusion composite production; 2. Packaging products will gradually develop in the direction of multiple varieties and small batch in the online stage. 3. Co extrusion technology continues to develop. Co extrusion technology replaces extrusion technology and is used in the extrusion process of extrusion compounding to produce special functional flexible packaging composite film with production process flow. 4. Connecting production equipment continues to develop, and more and more comprehensive production lines are available. Extrusion compounding and extrusion coating are combined with printing.

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