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Did you choose the right rice vacuum packaging bag?

What are the standards for rice vacuum packaging bags, and what is the design of rice vacuum packaging bags? How can rice vacuum packaging bag manufacturers meet the national food standards? With the promotion of online marketing and e-commerce to the packaging industry, more and more merchants have begun to make a fuss about rice vacuum packaging bags through new Internet marketing methods, such as WeChat QR codes. Not long ago, China 2 on the tip of the tongue, a popular food show in China, has won the favor of the majority of food lovers, and the food-related packaging industry is also very concerned about it. Food packaging standards need to be improved and optimized, whether in terms of the quality or design of packaging bags, innovations are needed so that food can be given due respect. Therefore, what this article wants to talk about is the importance of rice packaging vacuum bags, what kind of packaging bags are needed for rice, and what are the requirements for rice vacuum packaging bags? Generally, the rice we buy in the supermarket will look at the pattern and include the following basics: 1. Product introduction, product name, trademark, product standard code, production date, storage method, shelf life, place of origin, factory address, telephone, Nutritional composition table , Guarantee logo, barcode and other product information. Second, the storage method should be specified to avoid unnecessary losses to customers, which makes customers feel that the vacuum packaging bag manufacturers have not done a good job in humanization; Nutrition labels, these are the most effective nutritional information provided to consumers, so that consumers can fully understand the relevant safety information of food; Fourth, whether the relevant codes of food production licenses are recognized by relevant departments, and QS quality and safety indicates that they are supervised by relevant departments , and has the permission of the national authority structure, which also gives customers a better sense of trust; Fifth, the WeChat QR code combined with the current Internet is printed on the outer packaging of the rice packaging bag, as a consumer, you can learn more about the business. information and the entire flow of rice. Provides the degree of adhesion between merchants and consumers. To achieve the establishment of a unique brand awareness of rice packaging bag enterprises in the minds of consumers. The information on these common rice packaging bags is the information about the product conveyed to consumers, which not only gives consumers a sense of trust in the product, but also the beautiful appearance is a sales highlight. food bags, food packaging bags

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