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Did you know there are such secrets on tea bags?

I believe that when you buy and drink tea, you must find that in addition to the brand name, manufacturer name and pattern, there are alsoQSProduction licenses, Chinese well-known trademarks, organic food certification of geographical indication products and other signs, production dates, quality grades and other words are dazzling. There are also tea bags that are quite domineering, except for the name of the tea, there is nothing at all. Faced with the various signs and texts on the bubble bag, how can we pick the key points and discover some secrets of the tea bag?︱true and falseQS︱ QSThe logo is a production license logo, and enterprises must have this logo to produce and sell tea. In the tea industry, many small-scale tea shops and tea houses do not have the conditions to produce tea, and they will borrow theQSlogo.Some tea producers are just small family workshops and have not carried outQSCertification, on the bubble bagQSThe logo is either copied from someone else’s or the bag itselfQSCertification. If the buyer has more hearts, you can check it onlineQSThe source of the logo, after all, drinking with confidence is the last word.︱The information on tea leaves is nowhere to be found in the brewing bag.︱There is very little information on tea products on the general-purpose tea bags, and there is no indication of the origin, grade, ingredients, manufacturers, etc., which creates opportunities for many merchants to slap the edge of the ball and fish the eyes. There is no merchant information on the tea bag, and merchants can enjoy”play”and buyers have nowhere to inquire, and often suffer from dumb losses. Therefore, in recent years, tea products with general-purpose packaging in supermarkets have been repeatedly complained.︱ Don’t worry too much about the shelf life of tea leaves︱According to the “Food Safety” regulations, the shelf life of tea must be marked on the outer packaging. Generally speaking, tea should be drunk while it is fresh, but some teas are better as they age, such as Pu’er tea, white tea, etc. Enterprises can attach a warm reminder to the packaging bag.”This type of tea is suitable for long-term storage”.Even if you want to drink fresh tea, as long as it has not deteriorated and has passed the shelf life, you can still drink it.

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