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Did you throw away the desiccant in the food packaging bag?

Common desiccants in life are: 1. Quicklime desiccant 2. Silica gel desiccant 3. Montmorillonite desiccant 4. Fiber desiccant and quicklime desiccant is commonly used in food bags! Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags According to food science experts, the main component of quicklime desiccant is calcium oxide. When lime desiccant encounters water, it will become calcium hydroxide, that is, slaked lime, which is a corrosive alkali. Sexual liquid, during which there will be a violent chemical reaction, which will release a lot of heat in an instant. [Food Packaging] Desiccant can be seen everywhere in life, mainly to prevent moisture, uce food humidity, prevent food spoilage and so on. Desiccant is divided into three categories: acidic, alkaline and neutral. Among them, acidic desiccant is obviously corrosive and is rarely used in food. Common food desiccants are alkaline and neutral. Neutral desiccants include calcium chloride and silica gel desiccants, which have the effect of slow water absorption and will not cause obvious harm to the human body. However, the price of quicklime (calcium oxide) is relatively low, and some food manufacturers may use it to save costs. The silica gel desiccant is more expensive and will change color when exposed to moisture, which can remind the environment to be humid, and is often used in the laboratory. Due to the extremely low moisture content in the food packaging bag​ , which will cause the air in the bottle to expand rapidly. When the pressure resistance of the bottle is exceeded, it may explode. At this time, the quicklime has formed calcium hydroxide when it meets water, which is a highly corrosive alkaline liquid. When it splashes on the surface of the human body with the explosion of the container, it will cause different degrees of damage.

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