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Difference between pure aluminum material and aluminized foil material

Difference between pure aluminum material and aluminized foil material

Aluminum foil material has a vacuum effect, so aluminum foil bag’s main parts is made of plastic flexible packaging. Aluminum foil pouch of the material can be divided into pure aluminium and aluminium pouch, the similarities of these two  bags contain aluminum. But in the manufacturing process is a little different.Now Let me show you the difference.

pure aluminum material

pure aluminum material

Aluminum foil material has metal texture, so the print toner technology generally uses ink. The aluminium material is different, and it need to print on white version with a layer pattern and the thick ink on white ink to cover the aluminum foil, or design will become gray. And aluminum materials have a strong decorative effect, prices than pure aluminium is cheaper, so aluminum vacuum process bags have very strong market space.

Or we can do a small test, you can put a flashlight into a pure aluminum bag, we can’t see the light, the barrier of the visible material is very good. 

aluminized foil material

aluminized foil material

This material is somewhat light transmitted. But to the naked eye it looks like silver aluminum foil effect.

In producing art, aluminized bag way is put the aluminum metal elements by vacuum sputtering plating layer in the membrane, and pure aluminium bag is made of aluminum foil aluminium foil bag. On cost, much higher than the aluminium material aluminum foil material. So many customers have chosen these two kinds of material, there are more users can choose aluminium material, because on cost, aluminum plating was favorable, there is another reason as well as the material nature, such as tea bagsbasic choose aluminium coated material on the material selection.

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