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Differences between frozen and quick-frozen bags

Frozen vacuum packaging bags and quick-freezing vacuum packaging bags are usually considered the same in everyone’s eyes, maybe they can both pack frozen food, so let us think that these two packaging bags are the same illusion. However, if we compare them from a professional point of view, there are certain differences in performance, material or use. 1.First of all, in terms of performance, frozen vacuum packaging bags extend the storage and shelf life of the food contained in them through refrigeration during freezing. Quick freezing vacuum packaging bags are used to prolong the freshness of food in the case of quick freezing. 2.Secondly, in terms of usage, frozen vacuum packaging bags are generally suitable for fresh meat, meat products and seafood. Quick-frozen vacuum packaging bags have a relatively wide range of applications, not only for packaging fresh meat, meat products and seafood, but also for packaging pasta, fruits and even vegetables. 3.Finally, in the choice of packaging materials, frozen vacuum packaging bags only need to choose cold-resistant and water-resistant films. However, in addition to cold resistance and water resistance, the film of the quick-freezing vacuum packaging bag also requires the film to have barrier properties.These three points are the differences between frozen and quick-frozen vacuum packaging bags. According to these differences, packaging bag customers can refer to when choosing which bag to choose. Quick-frozen products generally choose aluminum vacuum packaging bags, aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags or other nylon composite vacuum packaging bags. At this time, it can also be selected according to customer requirements. Different materials have different properties, for example: aluminum plating has strong decorative properties, aluminum foil has good light-shielding and moisture-proof properties, etc. People can choose different packaging bag materials according to product requirements.

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