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Different aluminum foil packaging bags require different materials and characteristics

Aluminum foil packaging bag is a common packaging bag in people’s daily life, but it is different from ordinary plastic packaging bags. First, the cost of aluminum foil packaging bags is higher than that of ordinary packaging bags. Be cautious when making aluminum foil packaging bags, and try to buy cost-effective products at a price that customers can afford. Price is also an important indicator to determine the quality of aluminum foil packaging bags, depending on which aluminum foil packaging bags customers choose.Aluminum foil packaging bags are relatively high-end products in the vacuum packaging series. This kind of packaging bag is usually used for the internal packaging of meat products, such as: roast duck packaging, braised chicken packaging, beef packaging, goose meat packaging, braised meat packaging, sausages, pickles, soybean paste, condiments, aquatic products, electronic products, etc. These.Different products have different product properties, and different products must be packaged with other functional materials. For some products without special requirements, ordinary aluminum foil bags can be used, and the material can bePA/AL/PEcombination of three materials. If you need high-temperature cooking products, you should choose high-temperature cooking materials, and the four layers should be well combined,PET/PA/AL/RCPP.The aluminum foil vacuum packaging bag is made of three kinds of materials, and the cost of using internal raw materials(Including ink, composite glue, etc.).)taller than usual. Although aluminum foil is a metal product, it must be higher than ordinary plastic. This kind of packaging is the first choice for most high-end products because of its high density, excellent puncture resistance, stretch resistance, abrasion resistance, light-shielding and oxygen barrier properties.

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