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Different usage scenarios of vacuum packaging bags!

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the accelerating pace of life, people’s demand for convenience food is also increasing, and the requirements for food packaging bags are constantly improving. Especially meat and cooked food, the storage conditions are particularly strict. A little carelessness may cause the product to be inedible and reduce consumers’ trust in the product and the brand of the merchant. Vacuum bags just solve this problem, but the materials of vacuum bags for different purposes are different. With changes in storage and sterilization methods, the strength of the material will also increase. Let’s list several usage scenarios; vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags, ordinary frozen real packaging bags: Materials are (BOPP/PE and BOPP/CPP) Requirements: general cold resistance, low temperature heat sealing tensile strength; use scene frozen packaging , Frozen dumplings, frozen beef balls, etc. resistant to minus 40 degrees frozen vacuum packaging bags: Material is (PA/PE) Requirements: high flexibility, high tensile strength. Use scene Fresh meat products; Ordinary vacuum packaging bags: Materials are generally (PA/CPP, PET/CPP, PA/PE) Requirements: general flatness, general gas barrier, general violence resistance, and general moisture resistance , use scene, rice, electronic components, bacon, etc.; 100~121 degrees high temperature cooking vacuum packaging bag: material is (PA/AL/CPP, PET/AL/CPP) Requirements: good flatness, good tensile strength, Good heat-sealing strength, good heat-sealing temperature, high impact strength, good water solubility of glue, etc.; use scene: rice dumplings, casual snacks, pickled products, etc., resistant to high temperature cooking at 121~135 degrees. Vacuum bag packaging: The material is (PET/PA /AL/RCPP, PET/AL/PA/RCPP) requirements: high flatness, high tensile strength, high barrier properties, high heat sealing strength, high heat sealing temperature, high impact strength, high water solubility of glue; usage scenarios Sterile milk, other sterile food; in different environments, not only the difference in material, but also the difference in compound glue ink. If the vacuum packaging bag made of ordinary materials is used in a high temperature environment, the heat sealing layer will be delaminated, blasted, and the glue will melt, thus contaminating the food, resulting in deterioration and inedible! When purchasing, pay attention to communicate the purpose and usage scenarios with the manufacturer.

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