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Do biodegradable bags have a fresh-keeping function?

It is said that biodegradable bags have the function of keeping fresh, so here is a little knowledge about biodegradable bags.The happiness index of the family is not only based on the material basis, but also closely related to the health of the family. The health of the family starts from the details. Pay attention to the taste of life, but ignore many details. Most people get sick from eating. For example, foods with excessive additives, or long-term consumption of certain foods containing chemical ingredients.Every time I buy a grocery bag in the supermarket, I take it casually, and occasionally I take a few more for the next use. It is such ordinary life that puts myself and my family on the verge of danger unconsciously, because the microscopic particles in the bag PLA stic or brightly colored PLA stic bags containing”Colorant (benzopyrene)”Long-term use of such PLA stic bags of fruits and vegetables will cause”Carcinogenic”The biodegradable material is synthesized from polylactic acid in corn stalks and sugar cane. Except for the sour taste, it does not contain other peculiar smells or any chemical components. It has a fresh-keeping effect and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. Biodegradable bags Under natural or composting conditions only180The sky can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, protecting the environment without damaging the environment. Choosing a biodegradable bag is a responsibility. This responsibility is the umbrella of health and the sail of a happy harbor. Let everyone enjoy health by protecting themselves, their families and the environment.

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