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Do biodegradable bags have a shelf life?

Biodegradable bags are biodegradable. Generally, customers will worry about whether this degradability has a shelf life? Can biodegradable bags that have passed the shelf life continue to be used? and other related issues.The required degradation time of the biodegradable bag is related to the environment in which it is located. In the general daily environment, even if the time exceeds six to nine months, it will not decompose and disappear immediately, but it will biodegrade when its appearance remains unchanged. The physical properties of the bag begin to change, and the strength and toughness gradually deteriorate over time, which are all signs of degradation.Biodegradable bags cannot be hoarded in large quantities, and can only be purchased in moderation. The storage requirements for storage are to keep them clean, dry, out of direct sunlight, and pay attention to the principle of first-in, first-out storage management. Therefore, there is a contradiction for biodegradable bags, that is, it is impossible to require fast degradability and long storage time. Biodegradable bags under natural or industrial composting conditions180It can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water without pollution to the natural environment.

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