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Do biodegradable bags still have a shelf life?

Why do biodegradable PLA stic bags have a shelf life? Because its material is organic material. Organic materials ensure that degradable PLA stic bags can eventually be degraded.Biodegradable PLA stic bags will eventually re PLA ce ordinary PLA stic bags, so if it has a shelf life, can it meet people’s daily needs? Therefore, how long the shelf life of degradable PLA stic bags can be is also a concern of many users.The general shelf life of degradable PLA stic bags is about one year. If it can be stored in a sealed, moisture-proof, and cool environment, it can be more than one year; if it is stored daily, it will generally begin to slowly degrade after one year. Therefore, it is not recommended to use degradable PLA stic bags that have passed the shelf life, because their strength and toughness are greatly reduced, and they are prone to leaks.Although the use of degradable PLA stic bags is limited because of the shelf life, it can protect the environment very well. Under certain composting conditions, only180It can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide every day, and you don’t have to worry about PLA stic bags flying all over the sky and being eaten by wild animals.How long is the shelf life of biodegradable bags? When everyone uses PLA stic bags, it is recommended to use degradable PLA stic bags as much as possible, so that they can be popularized quickly, and it is also for our future generations and the living environment.

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