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Do you know the taboos of food composite packaging bags?

No matter whether the tableware with composite packaging is “foaming” or not, it has a great potential safety hazard. Disposable polystyrene foam composite tableware is prohibited in China. However, no matter whether disposable polystyrene tableware is foamed or not, if the use temperature exceeds 90 ℃ or is heated in a microwave oven, harmful substances will be released. In addition, disposable composite tableware will also contain carcinogenic fluorescent substances, which will lay a safety hazard for consumers’ health. Toxic and harmful chemicals do harm to human body and the environment insidiously and slowly. You may feel nothing at ordinary times. As time goes by, you will gradually accumulate. Once something happens, you will regret it too late! The concept of “food is the most important thing for the people and safety is the first thing to eat” has been deeply rooted in people’s minds and has been valued by all walks of life. However, while paying attention to food safety, we must not ignore the concern about the safety of food composite packaging containers. For this reason, I remind you to pay attention to the safety of food composite packaging and its containers when purchasing, processing and eating food. When packaging food with composite food packaging bags, remember not to use composite packaging bags with poor printing quality to package food, especially when packaging daily food, the printed font pigment is easy to stick to the food and cause food pollution. For example, when packaging snacks, poorly printed fonts are easy to stick to the snacks. Pigments are chemical reagents, toxic substances and harmful to human health. In other foods, such as steamed buns, various steamed buns and cakes in supermarkets, it is not easy to use composite packaging bags with fonts on them.

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