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Do you need an inner bag for tea leaves in a tin can (can tea leaves be placed directly in a tin can)

Can the tea be placed directly in the tin can??The answer depends on the specific situation. Whether it is a tin can or a sealed bag, it is not recommended to store tea for a long time. It is better to drink tea in time. Does tea need an inner bag in a tin can??If you buy Dahongpao, Shoumei, Zhengshan Souchong, Longjing, etc., the packaging is in a large bag-type sealed packaging bag.Zhengshan Souchong Tea BagMost of the tea we buy is packed in bags, and green tea is generally packed in bags. Green tea preservation needs to be carried out in a low temperature environment;Black tea can be at room temperature, and the tea leaves in the bag can be drunk in time, which is better.Tea has the characteristics of strong moisture absorption and odor absorption, and it is easy to absorb moisture and odor in the air. If the storage method is slightly improper, it will lose its flavor and aroma in a short period of time, and the soup color, taste and color will change.Da Hong Pao Tea BagLowering the temperature of the storage environment, maintaining the proper moisture content of the tea leaves, blocking the contact between the tea leaves and oxygen, and preventing direct sunlight can slow down the deterioration of the tea leaves. Most of the tea that families buy are canned or bulk tea. Since they are not brewed at one time after they are bought, they can be stored in tea bags.It is best to choose a tea bag that has a seal and is used for food. The material is thicker and the density is higher. Do not use smelly or remanufactured plastic bags. After the tea is put into the bag, the air should be squeezed out as much as possible. It is better if a second plastic bag can be used to cover it in the opposite direction.

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