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Do you understand the identification of biodegradable bags and ordinary PLA stic bags?

Today, the editor will popularize the logos we see printed on biodegradable bags and ordinary PLA stic bags:Click to know Do you still use PLA stic bags often? Biodegradable bags will become a trend 1Ordinary PLA stic bag logo: regular production of PLA stic bags must be marked with standards and materials used, the recycling symbol indicates that the PLA stic bag can be recycled, and the04is low density polyethylene (LDPE) dedicated recycling number logo, the recycling logo below the>PE-LD>< PLA stic shopping bag GB/T 21661-2008Production standards complied with for PLA stic shopping bags. 2Biodegradable or Compostable PLA stic Bags: Recycling Symbols>PBAT+ PLA +St20<Fully biodegradable PLA stic bag 3Biodegradable garbage bags have”RECYCLE”Or China’s environmental logo, the green logo composed of clear mountains, green water, the sun and ten rings, which means that the whole people are connected to protect the environment on which human beings live. For food PLA stic bags, food safety permits are requiredQSsigns, and marks for food use.

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