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Dried fruit can be used in food bags

Every province in China has many special products, which are the inheritance of historical and cultural heritage. Tea bags: Jin Junmei, Dahongpao, Anxi Tieguanyin, Wuyi rock tea, Fuding white tea, black oolong tea, ginseng oolong tea; Dried fruit bags: dried mango, fish skin peanut, dried sweet potato, jujube, Yuanhetang candied fruit, Yakou Peanuts; Cooked Food Bag: Hongse Chicken Feet; Pastry Bags: Poria Cake, Husband Cake, Hot Noodle Cake, Pillow Cake, Fuzhou Gift Cake, Honey Cake, Konjac Cake, Xindu Osmanthus Cake; Dry Goods Bag: Jinkeng Mushroom , Mengzong bamboo shoots, Yongan bamboo shoots.

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