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Dried fruit products can be used in composite packaging bags

Color-printed composite packaging bags: food-grade composite materials are environmentally friendly, and the products without peculiar smell meet or exceed the national standards in the quality inspection department’s sampling inspections several times a year. Color-printed composite packaging bag: According to the film width and thickness required by the customer, the production is carried out and the existing samples are provided free of charge for experimentation. Color-printed composite packaging bag: product transparent color printing LOGO and product pattern, etc. Dried fruit products: dried pork bags, white sugar cake packaging, longan dried packaging bags, taro cake food bags, mala cake food packaging, nine-system dried tangerine peel food packaging bags, pig head dumpling vacuum bags, peanut cake bags, Xihuang tea bags, Nanru Peanut packaging, Maba oil sticky rice bag, dried red fish bag, senna leaf tea bag, Xingning Dancong tea packaging bag, Cassia green tea packaging, Pingyuan Laoyi dried beef packaging bag, Houjie sausage bag, Zengcheng silk seedling rice bag , Shejiang Ginger Candy Food Bag, Dianbai Peanut Bag, Fortress South Sugar Packaging, Liannan Yaoshan Tea Bag, Wuhua Bodhi Rice Bag, Guangdong Minghuang Tea Bag, Baidu Beef Jerky Snack Bag, Fresh Plum Vegetable Food Bag, Lexian Yuba Packaging bag, Shijie longan dry goods bag

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