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Dried fruits are used in compound bags

Color-printed composite packaging bags: food-grade composite materials are environmentally friendly, and the products without peculiar smell meet or exceed the national standards in the quality inspection department’s sampling inspections several times a year. Color-printed composite packaging bag: According to the film width and thickness required by the customer, the production is carried out and the existing samples are provided free of charge for experimentation. Color-printed composite packaging bag: product transparent color printing LOGO and product pattern, etc. Dried fruits: sweet-scented osmanthus tea bags, Guilin rice flour food bags, golden flower tea bags, herbal tea tea bags, Liuzhou snail powder packaging, insect excrement tea tea bags, silver needle tea tea bags, Mengzi rice cake bags, Pingguo golden flower tea tea bags , Guanyang red jujube bag, Bingquan woman soy milk bag, Tiandong fragrant rice bag, Shanglin rice bag, Linglong longan bag, Huangtian button meat bag, Ziyi pesto bag, Guangxi cinnamon bag

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