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Edge sealing problems of aluminum foil bags

The edge sealing problem of the aluminum foil bag, the temperature of the hot knife is high, the sealing edge is wrinkled, and the temperature is low and it cannot be sealed. The pressure has been debugged, and the silicone pads and original materials have also been changed, but it still cannot be solved. What can I do? A: Consider from two aspects, one is that the edge is wrinkled, and the other is that it cannot be sealed. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, and plastic packaging bags are wrinkled on the edge of the sealing. The reasons are generally: 1. The residual solvent in the glue and ink is too much, and it accumulates and evaporates during the sealing and ironing process, causing bubbles and wrinkling; 2. Yes The parallelism of the heat sealing knife of the bag making machine, the hardness and flatness of the silicone do not meet the heat sealing requirements, and there are foreign objects on the heat sealing knife. 3. The material is not temperature-resistant, and the material is wrinkled after high temperature sealing; 4. The glue and ink are not temperature-resistant; For the problem of unsealing, the reasons are generally: 1. The temperature of the heat sealing knife is too low and the pressure is too small. 2. The quality of the heat-sealing material, the unsealing temperature is too high, or the heat-sealing function is unstable. [Vacuum bag][Plastic bag]

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