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Eight production processes of food rice packaging bags

In the previous articles, I have introduced the relevant knowledge of rice packaging bags to you. This article continues to introduce the relevant knowledge of rice packaging bags. This article revolves around the production process of rice packaging bags. Step 1: Design of rice packaging bags: Design relevant design drafts according to customer requirements. The design draft of a good rice packaging bag is also the key. The design features of different bag types will also be different, so I will not introduce them in detail here. Step 2: After the customer confirms the design draft of the rice packaging bag, he starts to make the relevant copper plate. This plate is a cylinder, and it is a whole set, not a single one. The specific size and number of plates should be determined according to the packaging design in the previous step. Sure, the richer the color, the bigger the data. Step 3: Layout printing of rice packaging bags. Print on the printing machine according to the first layer of materials confirmed by the food company. The printed renderings are no different from the design draft, and the difference will not exceed 5%. If customers are uneasy, they can ask to see the color. Step 4: The rice packaging bag is compounded. The rice packaging bag is composed of multiple layers of materials, and the ink surface is glued in the middle of the two layers of materials, such as pa (nylon)/pe (reinforced), of which nylon is the first layer of material. The printed material, pe (enhanced) is the second layer material or composite material. Step 5: The rice packaging bag is cured, and after compounding, a certain curing time is required. Step 6: Slitting and Making Bags of Rice Packaging Bags: Divide the rice packaging bags into individual bags. Step 7: The inspection of the rice packaging bags, through the manual inspection of the finished product by the staff for quality problems and other data. Step 8: The rice packaging bags are put into and out of storage.

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