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Eight side sealing bag – flat bottom pouches

The eight-side sealing bag is a bag type that has emerged in recent years. It is evolved from a stand-up bag. Hereinafter, we will refer to it as (“eight-side sealing”). Its advantages are: 1. Standing stable, under the same size The side seal bag has a large space capacity, which is beneficial to protect the product from being squeezed and deformed. 2. The eight-side sealing bag has 5 sides and 9 sides, and the printing content is rich. Compared with other bag types, the layout module is clear, and the product information is comprehensively described, which is conducive to the promotion and sales of the product. 3. The eight-side sealing bag is novel and has a strong three-dimensional sense. Compared with other bag types, it gives people a refreshing feeling, attracts people’s attention, and is conducive to promoting sales. 4. After the eight-side sealing and zipper, the reusability of the packaging bag can be increased. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags with eight-side sealing materials; generally BOPP/YOPP+PET+PE, BOPP/YOPP+PET+AL+PE BOPP/YOPP+PET+aluminum plating+PE Kraft paper+aluminum plating/aluminum+PED Design->plate->print->composite->curing->bag-making->inspection->shipment notes: 1. Size: the size and length of the bottom of the eight-side seal should not be If it exceeds 38cm, try to control the load-bearing of the eight-side seal to less than 10kg through the experiment, because the load-bearing of the eight-side seal is mainly at the bottom of the bag, and the load-bearing aspect is not very good. After increasing the composite strength, the improvement effect is not great. The main problem is the eight-side seal. structurally. 2. Number of plates made: When printing the eight-side sealing bag, the front, back and bottom are printed at the same time, and the two sides are printed separately. Therefore, two sets of gravure plates need to be made for each package of the eight-side sealing bag (if the two sides are blank, only one set is required. ), so it is recommended that customers use fewer colors on the side when designing, generally no more than three colors, and design more information on the front, back and bottom. The number of plates for the eight-side sealing bag is to make a set of plates for the front and back, and a set of plates for the two sides. After adding up, the total number of plates is obtained. 3. Printing on the side: There will inevitably be size deviations during the bag making process. If it is full-page printing, the printed content may be sealed when the edge is sealed. Therefore, the distance of the sealing edge should be considered in the design to improve the fault tolerance of the packaging bag.

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