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Excellent packaging design idea!

Sustainable Packaging: When a product can be recycled or recycled, sustainable or “green” packaging has a long way to go. Current “green” packaging trends are: Biodegradable and renewable: Many cities Composting programs are being researched to encourage people to compost in their own backyards. Composting plastic, often made from renewable sources such as corn, is becoming more popular. Composite bags, foil bags, plastic bags are non-toxic materials: consumers want Know that your packaging does not use harmful chemicals or dyes. Save energy and reduce emissions: This may mean requiring less energy, or opting to use renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Reduce packaging materials, save on shipping costs, reduce Use in production. Water efficiency CY: Less waste water in production, such as reuse, is an important part of green packaging today. The spread of sustainable packaging means that sustainable technologies can appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Sustainability is of course a consideration of features and price. Sun’s chips started in 2010 with consumer complaints and lost sales due to quality issues, using degradable plastic bags. Customers want to buy eco-friendly products, but not at the expense of quality, cost and convenience Custom Packaging: The key to getting the best custom packaging is strong communication between suppliers, designers and customers. Well-designed, sustainable custom packaging can maximize your company’s image and your customers’ perception of your products. Interest. Develop packaging design, highlight competition, and emphasize the uniqueness of the brand. [Food bag][Food packaging][Aluminum foil bag]

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