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Factors affecting the use and promotion of fully biodegradable PLA stic bags

Environmental protection has become a global concern ,Therefore, the packaging materials of modern commodities are constantly being innovated and optimized, and consumers are gradually becoming aware of and taking actions to use environmentally friendly packaging materials. The production, use and promotion of fully biodegradable PLA stic bags are produced under such circumstances.In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the use of PLA stic packaging materials and environmental protection. While consumers enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by packaging materials, they discard them at will and ignore the serious pollution caused by PLA stic packaging materials to the human living environment. Most of the packaging materials used in China are ordinary films, that is, it takes more than a hundred years or longer to completely degrade under natural conditions. Therefore, the innovation and optimization of packaging materials have introduced the production of fully biodegradable materials to produce fully biodegradable PLA stic bags.There are many main reasons for the difficulty in the promotion of fully biodegradable PLA stic bags:one.Because the load-bearing capacity is lower than ordinary PLA stic bags,two.Dim color, low transparency, not beautiful enough;three.Enterprises with strength and technology are needed to do downstream application development and new material development, control the cost of raw materials, reduce prices, improve performance, and make all-biological PLA stic bags as approachable as ordinary PLA stic bags.

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