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Factors to be considered in the process design of composite packaging bags

1. Raw materials of composite packaging bagsWhether the source of raw materials is stable, and whether specific sources can be purchased, including various general film substrates, various functional substrates, various inks, adhesives, functional coating materials, various resins, additives, etc.Whether the price of raw materials is appropriate, what is the performance of substitutes, and whether the specifications of raw materials are appropriate.2. Factors of compound packaging bag equipmentThe adaptability of the printing equipment to the material, whether it has a reversing device, the maximum and minimum specifications of the substrate, the printing quality level that the printing equipment can achieve, the type of printing equipment and its impact on the printing quality, such as gravure, flexo printing, silkscreenComposite specification range for composite equipment. The type of compounding equipment is an important factor in determining the performance of the composite material. The dry laminating machine can produce various packaging materials and is the most widely used, but the cost is relatively high. Extrusion compounding includes single-layer coating, single-layer extrusion compounding, double or multi-series series extrusion compounding, co-extrusion compounding, etc. The series compounding equipment can be compounded at one time5-13Layer material, co-extruded composite skin-friendly functional material.The specification range of the material cut by the cutting equipment, the variety of the material to be cut, the minimum and maximum cutting size, etc.The bag-making equipment includes the variety of bag-making, such as three-side sealing compound bag, three-dimensional bag, zipper bag, etc., and the maximum and minimum specifications of bags that can be made.3. The influence of composite packaging bag product requirements on the process①The amount of glue applied to different products is different.②The curing time and curing temperature of different products are different③The corona requirements of the material are different. The intermediate layer material needs to be treated on both sides. The corona side of the fuse sealing bag is facing outward, and the heat sealing part cannot be corona treated.④In the production of nylon, it must be wrapped in time to prevent moisture.⑤ High requirements for opening, pay attention to powder spraying⑥ The product is required to be flat, scraped and dry, flexible and easy to use and squeeze.⑦Squeeze for anti-shrinkage of back-sealed bag⑧ Food and medicine packaging bags need to be inspected to prevent foreign matter from being mixed in⑨ According to the raw materials and working environment, adjust whether the printing is empty or not, and whether to increase the preheating temperature. Whether the compounding adjusts the production speed and whether the binder ratio is changed.

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