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Factory direct sales of customized tea packaging (customized by tea packaging bag manufacturers)

Factory direct sales of customized tea packaging: YLTpacking packaging, which has passed ISO9001/QS food safety certification, professional customized food packaging bags, providing factory customization of white tea, green tea, dark tea, black tea packaging bags, high quality and low price, complete qualifications, to map customization , Free design and sample, support spot wholesale, welcome to call! High-end tea packaging bags and tea packaging, tea packaging should be carried out according to customer needs to promote the sales of tea products. A good tea packaging design can increase the value of tea several times. Tea packaging is already an important part of China’s tea industry. Kraft paper tea packaging bags Customized tea packaging bags, generally composite film bags, with three-sided sealing, stand-up bag, folding, etc. Packaging Because the composite film bag has good printability, using it for sales packaging design has a unique effect on attracting customers and promoting tea sales.

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