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Features of nylon material used in food bags

Since the thermal deformation temperature of nylon is not very high, glass fiber is often used for reinforcement to improve the heat resistance temperature. The surface hardness and strength of nylon can be increased by one time and three times respectively. The molding shrinkage is reduced to 1/3 of the original, and the hygroscopicity is also greatly reduced. Instead of light metal or thermosetting resin, large components are made of nylon, and the film made of nylon is transparent, with large elongation and good air tightness. The directionally stretched film has better fragrance properties. The mechanical properties are excellent, and the tensile strength is three times that of polyethylene. Penetration strength, Hidden size, high and low temperature resistance. It can directly package baked food. It is also resistant to oil and chemicals. It is a kind of advanced packaging film with good static electricity, operability and printing performance. However, due to the high water absorption and moisture permeability of nylon film, although it is suitable for steam disinfection, its air tightness is reduced, its size is unstable, its rigidity is poor, it is easy to wrinkle, and its heat sealing is also poor under one wet condition. Therefore, polyvinylidene chloride is often required to be coated or compounded with polyethylene to increase its water resistance, moisture resistance, and heat sealing performance. This nylon/polyethylene composite film has been widely used. Nylon film is mostly used for the packaging of greasy goods. Such as sausages’ sausages, meat products, oil and hemp food. It can be used to pack bony meat or_ Frozen food, cooked and sterilized food, and vacuum packaging.

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