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Features of rice packaging bags

The characteristics of rice packaging bags China is a country with a large population and a large agricultural country. The annual domestic demand for rice is a very amazing number, and with the continuous increase of export and foreign trade, especially the high-quality rice market has achieved faster progress. Domestic rice producers are constantly active, the brands of rice are constantly enriched, and the series and grades of old rice products are continuously upgraded. This industry trend has also led to the rapid development of rice composite packaging materials and packaging bags. Rice packaging has made new developments in terms of packaging materials, printing processes, and composite processes. While ensuring packaging performance, it has shown a trend of green development. Rice requires long-term storage and transportation. Therefore, rice packaging bags must have the characteristics of moisture-proof, mildew-proof and resistance to use. The material forms of rice packaging are mainly woven bags, plastic composite packaging bags, and non-woven packaging. Plastic composite packaging bags are the most widely used on the market now, and this composite plastic has more advantages in food safety and environmental protection than dry composite plastics. Because this kind of packaging printing is convenient to produce and has high efficiency, the printed patterns are also accurate, exquisite and high-grade. The placement effect is very good. In order to better improve the quality of products in packaging, YLTpacking plastic bag factory uses advanced machinery and equipment, as well as visual aluminization process and local extinction process, which greatly improves product packaging in terms of vision and product quality. .


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