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Film Packaging Technology Green Revolution in Printing Packaging Bag Industry

As the industry pays more and more attention to sustainable development, film manufacturers are constantly improving their product processes and stepping up their strategic layout. For many years, film manufacturers have been touting that their products can reduce the consumption of raw materials to reduce costs, and have excellent quality assurance effects in the field of medicine and video packaging bags. Nowadays, under the supervision of consumers and supervision institutions, packaging companies are constantly improving their processes in order to make more contributions to sustainable development. Some companies believe that the use of advanced film packaging technology will become an important part of the packaging industry to establish a green image‘ Film materials can win out from other packaging materials because of their lighter weight and lower carbon footprint compared with glass and metal. The manufacturer layout is in full swing. The leading manufacturers in the packaging film field around the world are stepping up their deployment strategies. Japanese synthetic chemistry is currently promoting the latest water-soluble film polyvinyl alcohol coating material with high gas barrier performance. This amorphous material can be used in lotion, coating and molding markets. Its greatest characteristics are: environmental protection, safety and thorough degradation. As a green packaging material, the film has been recognized by environmental protection departments in Europe, America and Japan. The biological experiment shows that polyvinyl alcohol is non-toxic and will not prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and has no impact on wastewater treatment and environmental sanitation. Further sustainable development Some companies are taking the sustainable development strategy further, they have developed biodegradable and renewable barrier membranes. Yingluo Company is one of them. Recently, it has introduced a new film with stronger barrier property in the cellulose packaging bag with wood pulp as the original. One of the latest sustainable development trends in the packaging bag market is to rely on the power of nanotechnology, because developers claim that the use of nanotechnology will further see what packaging bag materials are used. The latest coating launched by an American company that leads the technology of nano synthetic barrier coating provides a more environmentally friendly and economical choice for food packaging bags. Reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact by reducing the need for raw materials and using only non-toxic materials. This technology enables food companies to produce products with longer shelf life. The 0.5-0.8 micron thick coating provides better oxygen barrier than the 10-20 micron thick coating.

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