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Five main points of food packaging bag design

In the design process of food packaging bags, many times the final food packaging bags are not neat due to small negligence, such as cutting to patterns or characters, or poor connection, and the color is cut off in many cases because of some design. errors in . When confirming the design manuscript of food packaging bags, we should pay attention to a few small knowledge to help you customize food packaging.Point 1: The equidistant cutting edges of the pattern and text on the design layout of the food packaging bag must be25px, so as not to be cut when cutting. Text must be curved or outlined. Do not use system characters in the text. If you use them, there will be white nodes at the intersection of strokes. After the text is converted into a curve, please pay attention to whether there is a wrong version of skipping or overlapping between words or lines. Do not use overprint fill for black text.The second point: the design color of the food packaging bag cannot be requested by the color printed on the screen or printer, and the customer must refer to the color when making itCMYKThe percentage of the color spectrum to determine the color fill. Also note: Different manufacturers produceCMYKThe color spectrum is affected by factors such as the material used, the type of ink, and the printing pressure, and there will be differences in the same color block.The third point: the same grade of food packaging bag design, in different times of printing, the color will be different, the color difference is in10%The interior is normal (due to the difference in ink volume control each time), large-scale printing, pay attention to one and the other, if there is an old file to be printed, in order to avoid excessive color difference, you can only refer to the digital color sample issued by our company. The color difference of different printed products shall not be used as a reason for return.The fourth point: the design manuscript of the food packaging bag does not need to draw cross lines and cutting lines.2an invisible wireframe to act as a production dimension and bleed92mm×56mm, after cropping90mm×54mm(that is, the four sides are reserved1mmbleeding). If you need special size, please specify it in the order and in the uploaded document.The fifth point: the color value of the design shading or base map of food packaging bags should not be lower than10%, to avoid rendering the finished product when printed.

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