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Five ways to distinguish food packaging bags

Food safety has always been a concern for everyone. The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon, and brown bags are also becoming popular at this time. So how do we test the quality of these food packaging bags? Today, Chinese packaging bag manufacturers will introduce five methods to identify packaging bags. Of course, the main thing is to check whether they are toxic or not. Plastic packaging bags are generally made of two types of plastic films: one is polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine and other raw materials, which are non-toxic; the other is polyvinyl chloride, which is toxic and cannot be used to package food. Food packaging bags in life can be identified by the following simple methods. First, look at its color. Generally speaking, the lighter the color, the lower the toxicity. Non-toxic plastic bags are milky white, translucent or colorless and transparent; toxic plastic bags are cloudy in color. Judging from the color and luster: black→orange→green→yellow→blue→white, the toxicity decreases sequentially. Second, touch the plastic bag by hand, the non-toxic ones feel smooth, waxy and not easy to tear, and the toxic ones are sticky and have an inferior feeling. Third, the trembling method grabs one end of the plastic bag and shakes it vigorously. Those with a loud sound are non-toxic; those with a muffled sound are poisonous. Fourth, the sinking and floating method puts the plastic bag in the water and presses it into the bottom of the water. The specific gravity of the non-toxic plastic bag is small and it can float to the surface; the toxic plastic bag is more serious and will not float. Fifth, the non-toxic plastic bag is flammable, the tip of the flame is yellow, and some are blue. When it is extinguished, it drips like a candle tear and smells of paraffin; the toxic plastic bag is not easy to be extinguished, and it is extinguished when it is removed from the fire, and the tip of the flame is Yellow, green at the bottom, can filaments when hardened, recovering the comforting taste of hydrochloric acid. In view of the above five identification methods of food plastic bags, I hope to help customers

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