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Foil Bag Features and Edge Crinkling

The characteristics of aluminum foil bags are: 1.Strong air barrier performance.Antioxidant.water proof.moisture-proof; 2.Strong mechanical properties.High blast resistance.Strong puncture and tear resistance; 3.high temperature resistant (121°C).Low temperature resistance(-50°C).Oil resistant.Good fragrance retention; 4.Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food.Hygienic standards for pharmaceutical packaging; 5.Good heat sealing performance.softness.High barrier properties are good.The company specializes in producing:PVC.PET.POF.PEHeat shrink film, shrink label. Food bags, composite bags, facial mask bags, composite aluminum foil bags.Wrinkling of edgebands is usually caused by: 1.The material is not heat-resistant enough, and the material is wrinkled after being sealed at high temperature. So first check the temperature resistance of several materials at present. 2.Glue and ink are not temperature resistant enough. 3.There are too many residual solvents in glue and ink, and bubbles and wrinkling appear during the process of sealing and ironing. Check for solvent residues at this point. 4.The parallelism of the heat sealing knife of the bag making machine, the hardness and flatness of the silicone do not meet the heat sealing requirements, and there are foreign objects on the sealing knife.The reasons for not being able to seal are usually: 1.The sealing temperature of the hot air material is too high, or the heat sealing performance is unstable. The material should be replaced at this point. 2.The temperature of the heat sealing knife is too low or the pressure is too low.To solve this problem, first check one by one according to the above reasons, especially the inner layerCPPIt is recommended to use a heavy-duty bag making machine for such thick materials, which can provide higher heat sealing pressure and stable hot sealing temperature. You can also use a laboratory heat sealer to do a heat seal curve test on the material to prove the performance of the material, so as to analyze whether it is the equipment or the material.

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