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Food flexible packaging factory customization

factory mainly engaged in food flexible packaging, roll film printing, with professional production and manufacturing equipment, printing, compounding, bag making (folding, slitting), edge sealing, inspection, packaging and other production processes. Mainly custom-made food packaging bags, bags of different specifications, thicknesses and styles are customized according to customer requirements, and different patterns and texts are printed without infringing intellectual property rights. Tea packaging bags, composite packaging bags Many people buy vacuum bags and there will be a problem of air leakage. What is the cause of the air leakage? The product: whether the shape is regular, whether there are raised parts, it is easy to puncture the bag or tie it into an air leak, Whether the thickness is appropriate, whether the size is appropriate. Aluminum foil bags, plastic bags The factory has a food packaging production license and can provide the required qualification certificates. All inspection equipment, meteorological spectrometer, production of various color-printed composite bags. food bags, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags

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