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Food matching suitable food packaging bag manufacturers design

In the design process of food packaging bags, many times the final packaging bag is not neat due to small neglect, such as cutting to pictures or text, and color cutting is often due to some planning errors. We should pay attention to a few small knowledge to help you customize when confirming the food packaging bag planning manuscript. Plastic packaging bags 1. The pictures and texts on the design and layout of food packaging bags must be cut at intervals of 1cm, so as not to be cut during cutting. The text must be turned into a curve or outlined. Do not use system characters in the text. If you use them, there will be white nodes at the intersection of strokes. After the text is converted into a curve, please pay attention to whether there is a wrong version of skipping or overlapping between words or lines. Do not use overprint coloring for black text. 2. The design color of food packaging bags cannot be required by the color printed on the screen or printer. When manufacturing, the customer must refer to the percentage of the CMYK color spectrum to determine the manufacturing color. Note: The CMYK chromatogram produced by different manufacturers is affected by factors such as the selected material, ink type, printing pressure, etc., and there will be differences in the same color block. Vacuum packaging bags Tea packaging bags 3. Consistent grade food packaging bag planning, in different times of printing, the color will be different, the color difference is normal within 10%, large-scale printing, it is difficult to print, if there is an old file to be printed, it is To prevent the color difference from being too large, you can only refer to the digital color samples produced by our company. The color difference of different times of printed products shall not be used as a reason for return. Aluminum foil bags for composite packaging bags 4. There is no need to draw crosshairs and cutting lines when the design manuscript of food packaging bags is completed. Two invisible wireframes can be used to serve as the manufacturing scale and bleeding line 92mm×56mm, which is 90mm×54mm after cutting (that is, the four sides 1mm of bleeding was retained for each). If there are special requirements, please specify in the order and the uploaded document. Five, food packaging bag planning shading or the color value of the base map should not be less than 10%, so as to prevent the printed products from being displayed.

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