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Food packaging bag customization pay attention to details and processes

Curing for more than 4 hours, in order to make the food packaging bag not easy to delaminate. The sixth step: bag making At this time, the production of food packaging bags has come to an end. The bag making technicians need to have certain skills. They must ensure that the edges of the color printing packaging bags are well sealed and air-tight, and the temperature control of the hot knife has certain technicality. It leaves the factory after being inspected by the quality inspector. Step 7: The main inspection items of quality inspection packaging bags: length (mm), width (mm), thickness (um), appearance, overprinting error, color difference, peel strength, heat sealing strength. 1. The length and width are detected by a ruler, and the thickness is detected by a thickness gauge. The detection method is the same as ours. 2. The inspection of chromatic aberration is mainly by checking with the standard sealing sample, and the color difference should be consistent at one arm distance. In terms of color, the printing factory also uses a 50 times magnifying glass to carefully check the color of the printed matter. Generally, the color is combined one by one dots. If the color is not right, the dots will appear irregular distribution. Generally, the dots are regular and the dots are round. 3. The inspection of the overprint error is mainly to visually check whether there is a phenomenon of printing ghosting. 4. The peel strength and heat seal strength are mainly tested by AGS-5KNG electronic universal testing machine. , the detection principle is the same as our computer tension meter. The test of peel strength is mainly to cut the packaging bag into packaging bag strips of about 15mm baskets with a blade, crumple one end of the packaging bag with a blade and then manually stratify it. Clamp a piece on one side and then operate it with a computer tensile tester. Its peel strength can be detected. 5. In addition, the manufacturer can also detect the oxygen permeability of the packaging bag. The testing instrument is the MT-C1 constant temperature gas oxygen permeability test device. Step 8: Warehousing Pack the bags that have passed the quality inspection, and at the same time, they will be managed in a unified manner in order to facilitate later shipments. The ninth step: After the shipment is packaged and put into storage, contact the customer, carry out far logistics and near delivery according to the distance. Logistics and distribution are carried out in far places (to ensure that the goods are not damaged), and free delivery to the door in nearby places. Food packaging bag customization, tea packaging bag, packaging bag customization process, packaging bag customization

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