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Food packaging bag material composition and performance profile

Food packaging bag material composition and performance profile

Due to the limitations of a single material, so far, most food packaging bags using two or more layers of composite materials. The scientific and reasonable use of multi-layer materials composite or with, can produce different comprehensive performance, can meet the packaging requirements of almost all kinds of food. Here, the professional production of food bags, food packaging bags, vacuum bags packaging manufacturers Dongguan Yuhang Packaging Supplies Co., Ltd. to briefly introduce a variety of common food packaging materials and performance. 

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OPP/LDPE composite food packaging bags

     OPP/LDPE composite food packaging bags also called BOPP/PE/BOPP/CPP structure, BOPP this film has stable physical properties, mechanical strength, good airtightness, high transparency and gloss, moisture-proof, tough and wear-resistant, is currently the most widely used printing film, the general use of thickness of 20 to 40 microns, while the most widely used for 20 microns. The main drawback of bi-oriented polypropylene film is poor heat sealability, so it is often used as the outer film of composite films and is an important substrate for plastic composite flexible packaging.  

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is a milky white pellet. It is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, and has a lusterless surface. Density is 0.916~0.930g/cm3. Soft nature, good extensibility, electrical insulation, chemical stability, processability and low temperature resistance, can withstand -70℃), suitable for various molding processes of thermoplastic processing, but mechanical strength, moisture resistance, gas and solvent resistance is poor, and the characteristics of BOPP are exactly complementary to do lining composite film; it can be used for packaging delicate food Dry food. 

 Confectionery food packaging bags, OPP/CPP composite bags

 Pastry food packaging bag, OPP/CPP laminated bag, also known as BOPP/CPP bag or OPP/LDPE or KOPP/PP: CPP has good heat resistance. As the softening point of PP is about 140℃, the film can be used in hot filling, distillation bags, aseptic packaging and other fields. It has good acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, common CPP film thickness between 25 to 50 microns, good transparency after lamination with OPP, bright surface and strong hand feeling, the film has good heat sealability. Moisture-proof and wear-resistant, it can also be packaged with peanuts, chocolate and other nut foods.  

Dry food packaging bags (KPET/PE laminated bags)

Dry food packaging bags. KPET coated (K)/PE composite bag or BOPP/AL/PE/BOPP/PET/PE structure. KPET as excellent barrier performance material, good barrier performance to oxygen, water vapor, odor. The inner liner is heat seal layer PE, light avoidance, barrier, heat seal, good resistance to sealing pollution, and high impermeability. After compounding, it can prevent spoilage, discoloration and odor, and also prevent the oxidation of vitamins in food. 

Frozen food packaging bags. BOPA/PE composite bag 

BOPET6 is a biaxially oriented nylon 6 film with strong toughness, good barrier, good transparency, cold resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, pinhole resistance, etc.; PE is a non-toxic and tasteless heat sealing material with good resistance to sealing contamination and high permeability resistance. After compounding, it is suitable for packaging bags of frozen food. It can also be packaged for agricultural products, liquid food, aquatic products and pickled food, etc. 

Frozen food packaging bags are suitable for frozen food, food can be stored in the freezer for a longer period of time, the temperature of the freezer is about -16 ℃ -26 ℃; frozen food packaging bags are suitable for frostbite food and no preservation effect of the ambient temperature, cold storage temperature of 2 ℃, 10 ℃ or so. 

Candy food packaging bags (OPP/PE/CPP laminated bag)

Candy packaging. OPP/PE/CPP laminated bags, OPP/PE/PE or OPP/CPP, OPP structure. CPP has good transparency, uniform thickness and consistent performance laterally, and is generally used as the liner of laminated film materials. Common CPP film thickness between 25-50 microns, and OPP composite with good transparency, bright surface, strong feel, good airtightness, high heat sealing strength, and PE composite heat sealing block barrier performance, light shielding, odorless and tasteless, good packaging properties, the structure is suitable for candy packaging. 

Puffed food packaging bags: PET/CPP aluminized film/PE composite bags, PET is characterized by high temperature resistance, good rigidity, good printing ability and strength. Aluminized film in a high vacuum state through the evaporation of high temperature aluminum melt, precipitation of accumulated steam to the surface of aluminum plastic film, so that the surface of plastic film with a metallic luster. PE is polyethylene plastic, chemically stable, usually used to make food packaging bags, to acid, alkali and salt solutions, but is not conducive to wipe or soak with strong alkaline detergent. It can protect food from discoloration, deterioration and moisture for a long time. 

Retort pouch: PET/BOPA/CPP

Retort bags. PET/BOPA/CPP laminated bags can also be used in BOPA/KEPT/CPP structure. BOPA/BOPA6 is biaxially oriented nylon 6 film, which is an important material for the production of vacuum packaging, etc.. It has good transparency, is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic material; good gloss, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, good oil resistance, organic solvent resistance, good alkali resistance, easy to print vacuum aluminizing. The thickness of CPP film for cooking class, generally between 60 and 80 microns, can withstand 121°C, 30 minutes of cooking, good oil resistance, good air tightness, high heat seal strength, and generally the inner layer of meat packaging cooking are used CPP film. Three layers of composite film more to ensure the taste of freshness. In order to prevent secondary contamination, the practice of high temperature decontamination and then packaging is generally not used, but the practice of post-packaging sterilization, according to the requirements of different foods and decontamination, to choose different high temperature resistant food packaging bags

Retort bag is a heat-treated composite plastic film packaging, which has the advantages of both canning containers and boiling water-resistant plastic bags, so also known as “soft canning”. Cooking food packaging more than two or three layers of material composite, the typical structure of the steaming bag is: the outer layer of polyester film, for reinforcement; the middle of aluminum foil, light, moisture, leak-proof; the inner layer of polyolefin film (such as polypropylene film), heat sealing and direct contact with food. 

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