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Food packaging bag printing technology

Food packaging bags Printing decorative patterns, patterns or words printed on the packaging to make the product more attractive or moredescriptive.WalkingWalking into a store, almost everyone understands what packaging is. Once engaged in packaging design, but inevitably often dazzling brands, a variety of packaging forms, and papyrus”Suggest”the backbone of life. Despite each country’s definition, the act of packing-in-pack is a succinct stipulation, as is the preparation of products for shipment and sale in the United States. UK: Packaging is the art, science and technical preparation for the transport and sale of goods. Canada believes that packaging is a tool that the supplier of the product provides and maintains a good condition in the hands of the customer or consumer. For a long time, China has been defined as: the general term for the protection of products on packaging, distribution, storage and transportation in order to promote salesaids.FeaturesAnd the development of commodity economy in the range of printing suitability of different printing processes is not the same as technology, flat, convex, concave printing processes and special printing processes will be developed, and they will be long and complementary coexist in packaging printingplace.LithographyThe main force that will continue to maintain the status quo. A simple lithographic printing plate, light plate, fast and quick to produce good quality, overprint accurate large format color prints, especially suitable for final editions of printed illustration products. In recent years, flat screen printing technology has been integrated into optical, chemical and computer technology, high-precision and advanced new technology to reflect the level of contemporary high-tech, breakthrough in letterpress printing technology. Letterpress printing is a traditional printing process, technical basis, less investment, quicker results, push out blocks, to adapt to small batches, small format, special varieties of packaging printing specifications, paper, ink materials are not important, you can compare and adjust large format printing pressure and ink volume control, a wide range of print qualityrange.3The ideal, gravure printing will remain stable development. The advantages of gravure printing are high speed, wide width, low power consumption and downtime, and the best printing results can be used in a variety of printingmaterials.ScreenPrinting will be more active. As a representative of screen printing, screen printing has been mainly produced in one workshop in our country, and is considered to be the only production line for bulk color products, rather than boards for formal occasions. Today’s technological change, modern screen printing equipment, materials and processes, screen printing process has injected new vitality.

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