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Food packaging bag requirements design

Food packaging bags require design! When we design food packaging bags, the requirements refer to the technical requirements to ensure the quality of food in its packaging design through packaging. Today, we will explain: 1. Design strength requirements: it means that the packaging design can protect the packaging. In the process of storage, stacking, transportation and handling, the food can resist various external destructive forces, such as pressure, robbery and vibration. There are many factors related to the design strength requirements of food packaging bags, mainly including transportation mode, stacking form and environment. 2. Barrier property requirements: Barrier property is one of the important properties in food packaging design. When many foods are stored, the flavor and quality of the food change due to the poor barrier design of the packaging, which ultimately affects the quality of the food. The barrier property requirements of packaging design are determined by the characteristics of the food itself, which are characterized by external barrier, internal barrier or selective barrier and so on. The substances that are blocked are air, water, grease, light, microorganisms and so on. 3. Design breathing requirements: Some exported foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, still maintain the breathing function during the packaging design and storage process. Therefore, such packaging design materials or containers are breathable, or can control breathing, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation. . 4. Nutritional requirements: During the process of packaging and storage, food will gradually lose nutrients, so the packaging design of food packaging bags should be conducive to the preservation of food nutrition, and it is more ideal to lock nutrition through packaging design. 5. Other requirements: There are many inherent requirements for the design of food packaging bags, such as heat resistance requirements, light protection requirements, moisture retention requirements, etc. Vacuum Packaging Bags Tea Packaging Bags Composite Packaging Bags Aluminum Foil Bags Plastic Packaging Bags

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