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Food packaging bags for sugar food packaging

Sugar packaging requires antioxidant food packaging bags. What is an antioxidant packaging bag? It is a bag that prevents oxidation of the food inside. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags Everyone loves candy, even children and adults. During Chinese New Year and festivals, candy is the first choice for Chinese people to give gifts. In my impression, there are bulk fructose on the market, fruit candy packaged in food packaging bags, and wedding candy. Early stage of sugar production China is one of the earliest sugar production countries in the world. There are 20 sugar industry groups with a sugar output of more than 100,000 tons, with a total sugar output of 6.7 million tons, accounting for 67% of the national sugar output. There is a huge market demand for sugar, especially during the Chinese New Year, when Chinese people buy bags of sugar as gifts, why do they choose sugar with food packaging bags, not in bulk, because China loves face, and likes a nice and decent package, a beautiful Candy food packaging requires a reliable food packaging bag manufacturer. In addition to the outer packaging, the food packaging bags for candies also have small packaging inside. Candy is soluble, the surface is sticky, and it is easy to melt when exposed to air. The small packaging bag has the effect of blocking adhesion. Add a large packaging bag on the outside, this food bag plays a decorative role, and the second is to block the air again to prevent the candy from getting wet.

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