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Food packaging bags material safety needs attention

The quality of food packaging bags is directly related to the “safety on the tip of the tongue” of hunds of millions of people. In recent years, food bag safety incidents caused by improper food packaging have often occur. In this case, it is very important to pay attention to the safety of food packaging materials. As the end of the year is approaching, all localities have gradually strengthened the sampling inspection of food quality and safety, especially in food packaging materials. During the recent food quality and safety sampling inspection process, it was found that the amount of solvent in many food packaging bags exceeded the standard, and some even reached 8 times the standard amount. For four categories of food-related products, including food processing equipment, the average pass rate was 97.6%. For example, the processing control of plastic packaging and paper products for food is not strictly controlled, the ink printing process is not strictly controlled on some plastic and paper packaging, or the use of recycled paper to add fluorescent whitening agents will lead to solvent residues, acetaldehyde content, fluorescence The indicators such as sexual substances and load-bearing performance are unqualified. Moreover, the contamination of food packaging ink has become one of the main causes of excessive lead levels in the blood of infants and young children. The safety of food packaging materials needs to be paid more attention to, problems are found, and the risk of investigation is constantly increasing. The real risk of food packaging is that in the process of direct contact between food packaging and food, due to the variety of packaging materials, various chemical substances are in direct contact with food. Under certain conditions, substances in food packaging materials will migrate into food, thus endangering food. Safeguarding food safety is inseparable from the participation of social institutions. It is necessary to actively learn from the advanced system management experience of the third food testing and certification organization, actively introduce the HACCP food safety system, and further improve the GMP system. For food, including packaging traceability and tracking mechanisms, strive to achieve Food packaging supervision mechanism in all links from source production, sales to recycling. The quality of food packaging in vacuum packaging bags and tea packaging bags is directly related to the “safety on the tip of the tongue” of hunds of millions of people. Food packaging safety should be placed in a more important position, and effective measures should be taken to deal with it seriously to minimize the hidden dangers of food packaging safety. It is the consensus of society to protect people’s health and food safety.

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