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Food packaging bags should be fresh and safe

The social responsibility of packaging enterprises is to produce food packaging bags with high safety and quality for food enterprises, so as to ensure a good pass for consumers.” Guo Haijun, an expert of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, stressed to the reporter of China Food News. Food packaging is recognized by the industry as a “special food additive” and an important part of food. It can be said that food packaging and modern food industry are inseparable from each other. Guo Haijun is the general manager of Xiongxian Xuri Paper Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province. He has been engaged in the research and production of food packaging bags for many years. He introduced that the food packaging bag refers to a film container that directly contacts with food and is used to contain and protect food. It uses food grade plastic film, generally including more than two layers of composite material packaging bags, multi-layer coextrusion bags, aluminum foil bags, paper plastic bags, etc. According to the functions of food packaging bags, they can be used for ordinary food, vacuum food, inflatable food, steamed and boiled food, frozen food, functional food and other packaging bags. It can be divided into three side seal, four side seal, middle seal, back seal, self-supporting bag, zipper bag, nozzle bag, etc. according to the packaging form. Food packaging is the last process in the production of food enterprises. The quality of food packaging bags is directly related to food quality safety and consumer health. Guo Haijun said that most food enterprises use food packaging bags produced by packaging enterprises because the production of packaging bags involves specialized processes such as material science, design, plate making, printing and bag making. Since the reform and opening up, China’s food packaging industry has achieved rapid development, with a large number of new materials and new processes emerging. Food packaging is dazzling, but there are also safety problems in the packaging industry in terms of raw materials, auxiliary materials and processes that can not be ignored. How can food packaging bags ensure the safety and quality of food? First, the packaging film should conform to the national standard and should not be shoddy. Food enterprises should first find out what materials their food packaging bags need; The second is to find regular packaging enterprises for customized processing. Due to the lack of professional knowledge of packaging materials and the simple pursuit of low prices, some food enterprises are often fooled. Take the composite bag as an example. Many foods are used for vacuum packaging. The material of this type of packaging bag should have at least one layer of nylon packaging. However, some composite packaging bags on the market cut corners and used polyester plastic (PET) instead of nylon material, because nylon material is twice as expensive as PET. The result is that the bag is very fragile but not soft, and its puncture resistance is weak, resulting in air leakage and bag breakage of food packaging. The economic loss and negative impact are far higher than the cost saved by purchasing bags at low prices. Another example is the seven layer coextrusion packaging bag of new packaging materials, which should have at least two layers of nylon, but some use one layer, and the nylon content is low, and some use smuggled garbage, which is more problematic. This kind of bag has poor barrier property, is easy to break, and is not resistant to high and low temperatures. At present, there are situations in the market where aluminum foil bags are used as aluminum foil bags to sell to food enterprises, which also need to be identified in time to prevent being cheated. Second, food packaging bags should meet the requirements of food safety and quality. 1. Food enterprises shall require packaging bag manufacturers to use packaging films that meet national standards. For example, the materials of the composite bag should be green and environment-friendly, and the dry composite plastic packaging containing benzene and other harmful substances should not be used, because its solvent is easy to penetrate and contaminate the food. 2. Food packaging bags should be flat. No scratch, scald, bubble and wrinkle, no false seal. Flatness is not only an aesthetic requirement, but also related to the quality of food. If the seal of the bag is not flat, the food package used for high temperature cooking or low temperature freezing is easy to crack. 3. Green environmental protection materials shall be used for printing. The QS standard requires that benzene solvents harmful to human health shall not be detected in food packaging. However, because benzene solvents are about 30% cheaper than environment-friendly benzene free and ketone free solvents, and their brightness and color fastness are good, many packaging bags are printed with such materials, which often pollute food. 4. The production environment of packaging enterprises making food bags shall meet the standards to avoid food bag pollution during bag making.

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