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Food vacuum bags make our life better!

In the clips of many TV series, we can see that when food vacuum bags have not appea, aluminum foil bags are used for packaging food. The common steamed buns and buns that are eaten every day, and other pastries and snacks, are completely wrapped in paper when they are purchased, or for the convenience of sales. Up to now, there are still many time-hono stores in China that use paper for food packaging, on the one hand to highlight the tradition of their time-hono brands, and on the other hand to take the route of environmental protection. However, when these time-hono brands sell off-the-shelf food, they will not use paper packaging. The most basic thing is that it can’t be waterproof or moisture-proof, especially things like cakes that are easily deteriorated when they get wet. Therefore, we have seen the appearance of vacuum packaging bags that are common in daily life. With vacuum packaging bags, the shelf life can be extended by several days or even months. In addition, some vacuum packaging bags are designed with convenient buttons, so that even if the food is opened, it can be sealed by itself for preservation if it cannot be eaten. food bags, food packaging bags

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