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Four major determinants of the price of customized food packaging bags

Food packaging bags The so-called custom-made food packaging bags means that we customize the relevant food packaging bags according to the customer’s size, thickness, printing and other requirements. And how to calculate the price specifically, and what determines the price, this is the topic analyzed by China and everyone in this article. First, look at the size and thickness. Size and thickness are key factors. Because the price of food packaging bags is calculated based on the square area, the detailed price can only be given if the specific relevant dimensions are known. Second, look at the material and several layers of composite. Different materials have completely different prices. The rise or fall of its raw materials also affects the price of food packaging bags. Third, the number of printing colors. We do not charge for printing. However, when making food packaging bags for the first time, copper plates need to be made, one copper plate and one color, which also increases the cost of food packaging bags. Fourth, look at the quantity. For food packaging bag manufacturers, the larger the quantity, the more favorable the price. The larger the quantity, the smaller the loss correlation, and the more printing quantity can be printed by one machine. Therefore, food packaging bag manufacturers hope to put the big finger into production. The above four points determine the price of food packaging bags. Food packaging bags go through the steps of food packaging bag design—customer confirmation—printing—printing—compounding—curing—cutting bags—inspecting—delivery. The machinery and equipment used are: high-speed Gravure printing machine, laminating machine, bag making machine, slitting machine.

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