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Four major problems encountered in the printing process of rice packaging bags

In the previous article, I told you about the relevant knowledge and ordering precautions of rice packaging bags, so what aspects should be paid attention to in the printing process of rice packaging bags? This article continues to explain to you the related problems that are easy to encounter in the printing process of rice packaging bags. The production of rice packaging bags includes the steps of design, plate making, printing, compounding, curing, and bag cutting. Among them, printing is also its key process. In the printing process, the problems that are easy to encounter are integrated on several surfaces: wrong version, foreign matter, color channel, masking and other problems. 1. Wrong version: It refers to the inaccurate version of the rice packaging bag during the printing process, and the phenomenon of wrong version occurs, which is commonly known as the “double eyelid” ghost phenomenon. 2. Foreign bodies: Foreign bodies refer to the hygiene of the workshop when printing rice packaging bags. For example, dust falling into the ink will cause foreign bodies and affect the appearance. There is a foreign body, and the polishing of the plate was not thrown well when the plate was made. 4. Masking: After printing, the pattern looks blurry. The main reason is that the scraper is not pressed tightly, and the polishing is not well polished during plate making. The printing of rice packaging bags is a technical activity, which requires the accurate judgment of the printing master and the operation in strict accordance with the production process. The key to the quality of a packaging bag is also reflected in printing.

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