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Frosted Kraft Paper Windowed Octagonal Seal Bag

Paper-plastic bags are relatively high-grade composite packaging, and the materials are kraft paper and white cardboard. It can be customized according to actual needs and can be used in the packaging of various products such as dried fruits, melon seeds, peanuts, grapes, red dates, tea, mushrooms, miscellaneous grains, snack food and meat products. In the bag, the product will not deteriorate for a long time, and it will prevent moisture and mildew. Food packaging bags, composite packaging bags Specific material opp matte film + kraft paper + cpp, thickness (a dozen C) and size customized, features with bone easy to tear, self-sealing strip for easy opening, free reuse, odorless and high temperature resistance, can be Look through the sunroof to see the products in the bag. Common capacities are 80g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and the bag types include three-side sealing, eight-side sealing, side organ, middle sealing and so on. Aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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