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Fully automatic food packaging roll film

The roll film is divided into ordinary roll film and easy-to-tear roll film. The roll film is very popular. A food packaging film can provide multi-color printing, and the specifications can be customized according to needs. The application of easy-tear aluminum foil roll film provides great help to customers who cannot meet their needs. The roll film is made of composite material, and the roll film is fixed on a paper tube or a steel tube in a circle, which is convenient for food suppliers to package products by themselves. The cost of PET material roll is lower than that of forming composite bag, and the easy-to-tear composite roll film only needs an automatic sealing machine to seal. Aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag Easy-to-tear aluminum foil roll film maximizes the role of composite roll film. Shoe towels, wet wipes, coffee, tea, daily chemicals, etc. can be used. Tearability is also the biggest advantage, and it can be easily torn from any direction. Easy-tear composite roll film products are suitable for various industries such as shopping malls, clothing, food, industry, electronics, toys, gifts, cosmetics, daily chemicals, hardware and plastics, etc. For example: food roll film, medicine roll film, pesticide roll film, seed roll film, aluminum foil roll film, aluminum plastic roll film, paper aluminum roll film, paper plastic roll film, powder roll film, liquid roll film, solid roll film, granule Roll film, condom roll film, printing roll film, etc. The roll material is used in the composite roll film in the packaging industry. The material structure of this roll material is generally PET/AL/CPE, PET/AL/PE. food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags

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