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Fully biodegradable garbage bags become the choice to solve plastic garbage pollution

When it comes to plastic garbage bags, we have to master it. They are inseparable from our days. With the widespread application of plastic bags, the problem of environmental pollution from plastic waste has become increasingly prominent. Under such circumstances, degradable garbage bags become a good choice for dealing with the problem of plastic environmental pollution.Under such circumstances, why is its marketing and promotion process often hindered and slow? for three reasonsDiscussions on the technology of dissolving plastics are earlier in China. There are thousands of degradable garbage bag commodities, such as robbery, fake speculators, and those who do have actual effects. The natural environment of large shopping malls is chaotic, and the quality of products varies. Therefore, it is not easy for many consumers to distinguish, and there are also many fraudulent companies. It can be said that the bad stores in the past have thrown themselves into the net, which has messed up the natural environment of the original large-scale shopping malls.Second, consumers lack understanding of environmental protection. In recent years, ecological and environmental problems have occurred in various parts of the country.”Environmental friendly”The term has become a hot topic. The public’s understanding of environmental protection has gradually improved, but the public’s understanding is still not enough. Degradable garbage bags have their own natural environment attributes, which are difficult to detect. Most people believe that paying for environmental protection cannot pay off in the short term, without taking into account the long-term problems. Therefore, in the eyes of many people, they use the original use value of ordinary plastic bags to consider alternatives that are degradable in the natural environment, so they think such transactions are unnecessary.Third, the cost of degradable technology is still very high, and the problem of plastic dissolution has always been one of the main problems in the scientific and technological world. There are two main types of dissolution technology on the market at this stage: one is plastic dissolution technology, which can accelerate the dissolution of high-pressure polyethylene in the environment; the other is to use biological materials to replace traditional butadiene materials. These two skills are all mainstream in large shopping malls. At this stage, the main challenge depends on the cost of the application. Due to the use of high-pressure polyethylene as the sheet, the double-dissolving plastic technology of Tianzhuang Environmental Protection has an excellent technical compatibility mode, and there is no need to complete the renovation of the machinery and equipment. Therefore, it is a low-cost biodegradable plastic technology in large shopping malls. Even so, compared with general plastic products, its price is still more than double, so the acceptance of large shopping malls is low.

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