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Fully biodegradable plastic bag seal detection method

Biodegradable plastic bags, also known as dense straps, are durable, reusable, long-term applications. Biodegradable raw materials are accompanied by the improvement of people’s concept of protecting the ecological environmentthe continuous reduction of coal resources, the replacement of traditional crude oil-based polymers by biodegradable polymers has already become a development trend in the future. Interference regularity of water-repellent performance of biodegradable particulate matter, obtainedSPIThe best modified material processing technology standards for biodegradable raw materials are:SPIRatio of mass to volume of tetrahydrofuran1:3, and the use of orthogonal and compositional experimental designs improves theSPIStandard for Modified Materials of Biodegradable Raw Materials; Prepared Under the StandardSPIThe tensile strength of the biodegradable raw material is8.61MPa, the tensile strength is196.78%, the water absorption is31.6%.pbatIt belongs to thermosetting biodegradable plastic and is a prepolymer of butylene adipate and butylene terephthalate.PBAandPBTIt has good plasticity and tensile strength, as well as good thermal stability and impact performance; in addition, it also has good biodegradability, which is very active in the scientific research of biodegradable plastics and industrial applications. It is one of the dissolved raw materials. It is more harmful to the rot and mildew of the contents. An important factor is the sealing properties of the biodegradable plastic.To put it bluntly, the sealing performance refers to the characteristics of plastic flexible packaging to avoid the entry of other chemicals or the warming of the contents. In the production process of biodegradable plastic bags, there are many stages of production and manufacturing, which is likely to cause heat sealing of the raw materials, infiltration of working pressure or water leakage from gaps, micro-porous plates, etc., which will result in small round holes or weak links that communicate with each other. These all endanger the sealing performance of biodegradable plastic bags at the same time, which is also the practical significance of removing biodegradable plastic bags to safeguard equipment.According to the research and test data, the sealing process and software performance of the sealing system of the biodegradable plastic bag can be detected. !Common leak detection methods1, Anhydrous immersion method, fill the sample with the experimental solution, put the sample on the filter paper after sealing, and observe the leakage of the experimental solution from the inside of the sample to the outside. It should be positive and negative. 2, vacuum pump observation, the raw materials suitable for biodegradable plastic bags are the same as above. According to the vacuum packaging of the vacuum pump, the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the sample is caused, and the recovery of the sample shape after the expansion and release of the vacuum pump is observed, and the sealing performance of the sample is distinguished. 3, water pressure method(vacuum pump method), According to the vacuum packaging of the vacuum box, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the company is caused by the development of the test piece immersed in water. Sealing system software performance.

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